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Friday, May 18, 2012

my dream boy~ ngee!!

hello readers ;D

tetiba excited nak citer pasal ciri2 laki feveret..hee... nie sume gara2 lepas mengupload video lagu "What makes you beautiful" from One Direction. ok..., so lame right?? ha ha ha. but anyway, I only get to see their video half of it because of uhhh some internet problem, yg mana sangat la siput kerang kan.... so, dpt tgk sekat2 n xleh tahan, so I tekan pangkah. so, bila dpt upload dr sharing one of my friends at ump's sharing, dpt la tgk dgn jelas sejelas2nya yg zayn malik 2 sgt2lah macho.

GOSH, I'm so totally into him like I did to G-Dragon from Big Bang! they're hot, cute, muka muka budak nakal yg jahat tapi baik *hahahaha  babyface looking, rockers, hip hop, style, hair and the dressup.uhhh.. it's all a dream come true for a girl to be her boy!~~ duhh...

ok...,, so cuba korang tengok muka ZAYN MALIK 2... adorable kan.. and when he sing the way his body language, and everything, it attract me so much. he's too cute for me to imagine. hahaha.... ok, so aku nak korang tengok gambar2 dye kt bawah and cuba rasa dalam hati, ada sangkut x?? hahaha.... I bet you will!~~

* last thing I think I finally knew why I'm in love with Zayn Malik. because I think he's soo similar with my idol, Jay Sean. OMG!! am I right?? he's soo like Jay Sean right?? ha ha! I just named him as Jay Sean Jr. ok pals?? he's mine ok..ngee... (^_^)

-Dylalola Esparanza@2012-

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