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Thursday, May 17, 2012

hey there.

yesterday, we were having some celebration for one of my friend since I was in technic school. her name is zafeera,  but we called her pera. we were having the party of course here at my room. so the guest of our party is as followed: (macam list apa je..skema...haha)

    1. ana (this is my roommate)
    2. qila (this is my roommate too)
    3. lyana (this is also my roommate)
    4. zah
    5. qila geli2
    6. tia
    7. nad
    8. emy
    9. dja
   10. naa
   11. kak ila

so, it felt crowded here in my tiny room which is supposed only for four person to live. ha ha. so, then, we're having the party with the cake that pera's mother was ordered for her and delivered to her personally since the baker is her mother's friend which coincidentally is here at kuantan. HERE are the photos:

nie kek nya... 2kg....sedapp.... *but I only take a bite yg pera suapkan since xsuka sangat kek..haha.. weird!~~

semangat pera tiup....hee u can see, there is my DOMO slippers behind pera, so it;s certainly my room.. haha... and the two person behind where we can only see the body not the  head is Tia and ME!!! haha...
the party was kind a bit noisy when everybody started want to put the cream at everyone's face including me for sure. of course. certainly. must.

after all, happy birthday to pera for her 21st years old. old enough to make decision which party to choose. haha.. opss! sorry.. we're not gonna talk about politics in this entry. maybe some other entry. chiow everybody!


-Dylalola Esparanza@2012-


  1. haha..merasa jgk ae korg..naseb bek kitorg2 xhabeskn n teringt nk bg korg..haha